The HGK Factions server. (now in beta!)

◯ Custom generator
The built-in pocketmine generator is terrible. The landscapes aren’t interesting and it is very repetitive. We have our own custom generator that is so much better than the built-in PMMP generator!

◯ Custom plugins
We’re not just another server with some plugins from poggit that looks the same as any other server. We are developing our own quality plugins to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone, while keeping the gameplay familiar.

◯ Non-P2W
In the HGK server, we focus on keeping the game fair for everyone. Therefore, we only have 2 donator ranks. They of course add features, but they will be cosmetic or balanced and they wont affect the game for non-donators. The first rank is a rank that you get for donating more than €1. It doesn’t give you that much perks, except for some cosmetic perks. The second one is the ‘real’ rank. It has all available perks for just €10.

◯ Simplicity
Some factions servers today are just stuffed with various random features and are super complicated. We're not going to do any of this, and this will be more of an old school factions experience. This doesn't mean we won't have stuff like custom items, just not to the point where you don't know what to do with everything anymore.

◯ Locked & leveled envoys
The envoys in this server spawn every x minutes. They have a 25% chance of being level 2 and 5% chance of being level 3. The higher the level, the better the items are. The envoys will also take time to unlock, so you'll have to fight over them. The higher the level, the longer the wait time.

◯ Redstone

◯ Minimal lag

◯ Friendly staff

◯ Hosted in the US

◯ IP and Discord
Port: 23077

Top donator

21.00 EUR
Monthly goal

28.02 / 20.00 EUR (140%)

Server status